What you’ll learn

During the lessons, according to the season and to your taste, you will prepare the dishes of the Bolognese food tradiction:

  • tortelloni, bundles of pasta, typically shaped as a hat with a puff, filled with ricotta cheese flavoured with garlic and parsley, eggs and Parmigiano cheese
  • lasagne alla bolognese, pasta stuffed with ragù, bechamel sauce and Parmigiano cheese
  • tagliatelle, thin strips of home-made egg pasta, with ragù alla Bolognese, with meat
  • Garganelli (the handmade maccheroni)
  • Gnocchi di patate
  • [/fusion_li_item]
  • Ragù alla bolognese (Bolognese sauce) the classic recipe with the special meat “cartella”
  • Tiramisu (personal recipe, very easy)
  • and … much more